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Diplomatic Briefing on Burma Bulletin

Posted on 1 April 2023

LAN’s Statement on the ASEAN Leaders Meeting convened on April 24

Posted on 7 March 2021

Legal Recommendations From Achievement of the Civil Disobedience Movement Towards Unequivocal Elimination of the Military Dictatorship in Burma

Posted on 27 October 2020

Statement objecting the legal action against the three youths who painted graffiti to raise public awareness in the midst of battling against COVID-19 in Myitkyina, Kachin State

Posted on 3 May 2020

Legal Demand to Cover Medical and Living Costs of People While Fighting Against COVID-19

Posted on 21 March 2020



New State Organs and State Institutions in Burma/Myanmar

For Security of People, Stability of Federal Democracy Union and Protection of Human Rights

Posted on 1 April 2023

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Victims' Ouest for Accountability of Aerial Bombardments in Burma

A Common Plan for Eradication of the Military Dictatorship in Burma

Posted on 30 Dec 2022

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New Approaches to the Peace-seeking Process in Burma/Myanmar

In addition to several other countries, such as Mozambique and Columbia, Burma’s contemporary history has illustrated that, if the dialogue between the belligerent parties, albeit necessary, is the sole emphasis, then genuine peace will never be achieved and the resumption of fighting will constantly occur.

Posted on 1 October 2020

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The eradication of the narcotic drugs and the peace seeking process in burma/myanmar

Due to loosened oversight fueled by COVID-19 restrictions, the production and trafficking of narcotic drugs may have increased across the world. The confiscation of the largest synthetic opioid supply in Shan State, Burma, on record in Southeast Asia in May 2020,1 for instance, has triggered concern for the international community.

Posted on 31 August 2020

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